Welcome Magic and Wonder – I Am – by India Arie and Beautiful Chorus

Welcome magic and wonder
Brilliance and grace
Welcome joy, satisfaction
Pleasure and strength
Welcome essence, beauty, presence
Time, spirit, form and space
Welcome excellence in every blessing
Sacred and pray

What I seek, I have
What I wanna know, I understand
All I wish I could, I can
Who I wanna be, I am

..I am a seed, I am a tree
I am the flower, I am the bee
I am fire and I am wind
I accept love and also I give (I am)
I am loud and I am mighty (ooh-ooh)
I am silent and I tread lightly
I am a brave and monumental (whoa-oh)
I am modest, I am gentle (I am)
I am student and I teach
I am the sand and I am a beach
I am ease and I am power (I am)
I am bridge and I am tower (I am)
I am reason, I am wild (I am)
I am mother, I am child
I am many, I am few
I am God, and God is you (I am)

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