From Small Town Close Mindedness to a New World; Yule in Tuscumbia, Alabama

Yes, please open up the city to new ways, new perspectives and the right for everyone to reach divinity in the way that speaks to them. Just got off the phone with Kendall Gilchrist of Hesperia Mystic Shoppe from a small town in Alabama called Sheffield where a small group of hate-filled close-minded so called ‘Christians’ (but they are not following the love and compassion that Jesus preached are they) have brought a torrential downpour of attention to her, her shop and the Yule event that she has organized.

Later today, she has a Times Daily and 31 other interviews set up. She has become part of this wave washing across the world at this moment in Herstory. She is a member of the divine feminine app and has this event listed on the app. It just went out in the weekly email this morning actually.

Here is the recording of the Tuscambia City Council meeting that happened yesterday. At about 24 minutes in, you can hear her love-filled speech on the meaning of Yule and inclusion.

At the end you can hear the close-minded comments by the protestors. She said she could feel nothing but sorrow for them.

She has not slept since then but is staying rooted in the knowledge that she is part of something larger than herself and all the love and support she has been receiving.

The irony that she is Jesus in this video does not escape me.

Please send her love and strength as she is kicking some serious ass over there as a love-filled spiritual warrior ushering in this new world. ❤❤❤

City council video:

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