The World Card from the Witches Wisdom Tarot Guidebook

“The World is on Fire.  The time of ancestral prophecy, of dismemberment, of unmaking, is here.  Civilizations and their illusions of separation and control are coming to an end.  Mother Earth cannot be dominated.  The Goddess is rising to protect Her endangered children.

Grandmother Spider weaves the web of the Universe, and the Goddess Kali wields the sickle knife, destroying the destroyers of Life.  But in her other hand, Kali holds the spindle from which Grandmother Spider weaves.  Together they tear and mend, unmaking to repair and make again.  You cannot see them, but you can see their magic everywhere.

It’s all One, and this is where it begins. 

Beyond the blazing towers and deadly heat waits the World as it is meant to be – holy, green and summoning.  There are those who respond to the call from that World, from what lives beyond human limitations. By coincidence, by choice, and by sacred ways, they journey to discover their way home.

A young woman, her gaze fixed on the ground before her, hat pulled low upon her brown and heavy pack on her should, walks alone.  She carries the weight of the old World with her, remnants of what she has been taught to believe about the World and about herself.  She has been bound by constraints and limits, and she longs for a better way to live.  She knows there’s another World within her, another World awaiting her.

She has broken free.  She strides into the unknown.  Her pilgrimage has begun.”

The Witches Wisdom Tarot Guidebook by Phyllis Curott, Artwork by Danielle Barlow.

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