Facebook, Social Media and Most Popular Video Games are Addicting: the Current Opiate for the Masses

By Caryn MacGrandle

At the moment, it is so apparent to me how dangerous popular social media and video games are.

For the most part,  I don’t use Facebook or Instagram or Twitter as I did in the past.  I check it once in the morning and once at night and use it mainly to promote theDivineFeminineApp.com

Only with my quest to start a Circle after just moving and knowing no one, I have been using Facebook to connect. 

And I find it interesting how it worms its way into your brain. 

All of a sudden, I find myself wondering if anyone has ‘responded’ to my post. Did I word it right?  Perhaps the picture should be changed.  All this ‘over thought’.

I love theDivineFeminineApp.com : just the icon on my phone brings me happiness.  And when I open up my computer browser and see it (set as the default of course), it starts my day off on the right path.

And I am content to just check it once or twice.  It was not designed to be ‘addicting’.

Lucy Pearce of Womancraft Publishing recommended a Podcast with Max Dashu on Home to Her Podcast the other day. Owl and the Moon commented that she enjoyed it so much that she listened to it three times. I put it on as a resource on the app and was able to quickly find it and listen to it a couple days later when I found myself in the car with time.

I adore Lucy’s work, but never would have caught this on Facebook as Facebook is ‘too much’.  The 1% that ends up on my newsfeed through their algorithms is often just ‘busy work’, something to do to avoid ‘real life’, digital magazines that we scan in the waiting rooms of life.

You’re never ‘caught up’ and always have this, ‘I’ve missed something feeling.’

I see this in my daughters whose silly games like Roblox can eat up hours of their lives with nothing in return.  ‘Let’s go to this room.’  ‘Let’s get a haircut,’ I hear them say to their friends on the game.

Meaningless drivel.  The current opiate of the masses.

In a blink they can spend hours on their phones doing this nonsense.  I kick them off and ask them what they have learned.  What they have gained. 


They spend ten minutes playing off their screens and then ask me if that is enough, can they go back to the screen. 

I shudder to think of all those kids staying at home these past seven months who have disappeared into screens.

What is that doing to their brain?

I make a conscious decision to step away from Facebook and back to the lovely simplicity of theDivineFeminineApp.com

The best things in life are often the most simple, no?

TheDivineFeminineApp.com is designed to be a portal to find what resonates with you:  local Circles, virtual events, organizations, podcasts.  Step through it and then connect in another means, hopefully in person but even if virtually, you won’t become addicted to the DF app.  And we won’t be telling you what you are interested in. 

Use Technology – Don’t Let it Use You


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