Call to the Quarters: Directions to Close a Sacred Circle

by Laura Barna

Energies of the East, of dawn and sunrise, or birth. Bring the winds of new beginnings and clarity. We call to our mental bodies, the element of fire. As the new seedlings and plants grow help us to plant seeds of fresh starts. We welcome the energies of the East, of wisdom, enlightenment, and illumination.

Energies of the East be here now.

Energies of the South, of noon day, of creation. Inspire our physical bodies and our place of passion and creativity. As the spark of life moves in and around us help us search for the fire within, the fire of abundance, and seek the grounding element of the earth. We welcome the energies of the South, of vitality, and fullness.

Energies of the South be here now.

Energies of the West, elements of water, and the setting sun. In this place of endings, letting go, and death, help us to flow like water into transitions and new beginnings. Like the leaves drop from the trees help us to surrender with trust and faith in the unknown and unconscious. We welcome the energies of the West, of emotions, transformation, and change.

Energies of the West be here now.

Energies of the North, elements of the earth, of wisdom, and knowledge. In this place help us see abundance, prosperity, and sustenance. We look for grounding, and seek a place of rejuvenation and rest. As the world quiets and slumbers in winter allow us the stillness to seek inner wisdom and understanding from the Divine. We welcome the energies of the North, of the moon, and understanding.

Energies of the North be here now.

Energies of above, of the Goddess, the angels and the consciousness. Bring us in line with the stars, planets, and cosmic currents that weave patterns around the collective unconscious, the future, and possibility. We express our gratitude and seek expansion of our consciousness in this time and place. We welcome the energies of above, of the great spirts, Goddess, angels, and all the Divine who watch over and care for each of us on this planet.

Energies of above be here now.

Energies of below, of the sacred earth and core. Help us to be open to the blessed memories and lessons from the earth, our collective history, and our ancestors. We welcome energies of the elements, stones, crystals, and the trees.

Energies of below be here now.

With one hand on my heart and one on my solar plexus, to this place where the six directions meet, a place of balance and sacred union. Let us be in this moment, at peace in all our bodies, open to the connections from above and below. In this place of timelessness let us weave the web of connection, and mend the broken threads of life.

These energies are all welcomed, the circle is closed, and we are now in Sacred Space.

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