Hecate Chant by Sharon Knight

Hecate, keeper of the crossroadsHecate, holder of the flameHecate, wisdom of the darknessGuide our way, guide our way All that dies is rebornFormless sinking into formRise awake! Born anewWalking forward, passing through credits Sharon Knight from Songs for the Waning Year, released October 31, 2008Written by T. Thorn Coyle Picture from Poster

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What is a Weaver? The River Beneath the River

Weavers walk the different worlds.  They are aware there is much more to the world than what meets the eye, and they regularly access and help others access these other worlds and guidance (aka divinity) through meditation, the natural world, singing, chanting, ritual, ceremony, Circles.  They are Priestesses, Healers, Witches and Sages.  People come to […]

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The Weave

The Weave is the Source. Our Path of evolution as a human race and it’s what we, as Healers, as Priestesses, as ritual makers, as herbalists and Land Keepers dip into for strength and help others to do the same. Three Fates Weaving. Even though the Fates are often depicted as old, ugly and unmerciful, […]

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