A Prayer to the Planet Mother Earth

By Marilyn Nyborg

I ask the living planet, Mother Earth,
for forgiveness.

I ask for forgiveness of my ignorance, my greed,
the endless taking from your resources.

I ask for forgiveness of all my actions of taking
without thanks or gratitude for all the
water, food, trees, and all your abundant resources.

I ask for forgiveness of not giving back
as the indigenous people
have when they used your resources. 

I ask for forgiveness for not listening
to the warnings you gave us so long ago.

I have taken you for granted. I have not honored your sacredness.
I have separated myself from Nature, believing I am in control.

I now realize I do not control you.

Surrounded by endless smoke, fires, drought,
storms, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes,
I am humbled by your strength.

I stand together in the Divine Feminine,
to ask for forgiveness and to call on you,

Goddess and God, Angels, and Love
to change my thoughts, words, and actions,
that I may work to restore the damages
and support your balance and well-being.

I ask this in the name of all I hold Holy/Whole.

*Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

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